Velvet & 627 U

Recently I’ve been obsessed and inspired by the Pantone color 627 U. A gorgeous palm green, it truly puts me in the mood to visit anywhere tropical. (Like honestly, if anyone wants to send me somewhere tropical, hit me up)

Pairing this color with a salmon or millennial pink creates the most perfect contrast. Side note, I am the biggest fan of gold. BUT, I saw this color with copper as the accent metal and I just died. Anyway, as I researched different designs using this color, I loved how this color scheme worked so well in any type of space with any type of vibe. I saw it with minimalistic, bohemian, and mid-century modern designs.

I decided to compose a design of my own. You’ll notice the velvet couch AND velvet accent chair. I know that’s probably just too much velvet, but I just felt so inspired by the fabric and the color. If you didn’t want too much velvet, you could definitely use a leather accent chair. Most of the pieces were found on CB2, except for the accent chair which was found at Target.

Pieces Mood Board

What do you think about the color 627 U? Honestly, I want a big ass velvet couch just like the one above.

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